A Baker for a Day

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This story begins with a 4H fundraiser, a silent auction and spaghetti. It ends with hot pink cupcakes.

My daughter is in a 4H equestrian club. Their annual fundraiser is ‘Italian Night’. Part of this festa is the silent auction during which said daughter fell in love with the idea of going to Carolina Cupcakery and being allowed into the kitchen where she would bake the cupcakes she loves.

She won the auction with a desperate and final bid. Then she at half a pizza.

On a recent Monday she went to the Cupcakery for her kitchen time. The ladies at the CC were wonderful with their 9 year old assistant. The owner’s daughter gave Martina a tour then one of the staff members got her started baking her choice of cupcakes: Pink Champagne.

Kiddo made batter and ice cream scooped it into cupcake tins then into the oven they went.

Dawn, the owner, shepherded Martina through the icing and decorating of the cupcakes. They came out beautifully, more an art lesson than one on baking.

She got to use power tools to mix the flavoring and dye into the butter cream base for icing! Nothing like a third grader handing a gargantuan drill.  Once the cupcakes were iced Dawn handed her piles of fondant to roll and mold into leaves, flowers and dragons.

By the time the cupcakes were finished, the child was in a sugar coma but managed rouse enough to bounce out the door with a huge grin on her face and a dozen hot pink cupcakes in a box.

If you’re not already in love with Carolina Cupcakery you probably haven’t been there. They make the best cupcakes and getting behind the scenes to see how they’re done was the icing on the (cup)cake.

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