Reevaluating Our Direction

This is something that happens now and then. It’s part of what keeps me in line as a homeschooling parent and also a part of what keeps me aware of what is going on the wider homeschooling world: reevaluating.

For several years now we’ve been dedicated to Waldorf. I love the flow, the way the curriculum appeals to not only the 3R’s of education but also to educating a child’s body and spirit, the art and the creative ways of approaching what can be very dry, academic subjects. But now I must reevaluate our educational direction or send the child to school (which I will never do!)

I love working with my daughter, spending time going over her lessons, *teaching* her and not simply giving her work to do on her own but that’s exactly what has happened over the past few months. I’ve spent my time working on various things, things from actual money-making work to zoning out on Facebook. Waldorf isn’t going to be more than a reference point on our map from now on, it probably will not serve as our compass.

Here’s the thing: it takes a LOT of planning, lesson writing, figuring out to teach from a Waldorf stance. It’s really not possible, living the life I live, to spend the time necessary to make a good educational go of it. It’s time to find curriculum materials to fill in the gaps that I can’t fill in myself. These ‘gaps’ are really more like canyons and crevasses as we move from the easy teaching involved in elementary education and into the more difficult things in middle school and beyond.

What will we do? Goal setting first, then materials research. We’re not suddenly going to be doing drills and bookwork 8 hours per day but maybe more reading and writing independently and a stronger focus on daily math drills, along with the textbooks. Charlotte Mason and Oak Meadow, most specifically, are appealing because materials can be easily found, often used and at low prices and these are still arts-fartsy (something we like) while also being laid out for us.

Let me know if you have recommendations.

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