What ‘Style’ of Homeschooler Are You?

I’ve come to detest this question. The ones about how do you do it? What curriculum do you use? They don’t bug me. The one about what schooling style is an irritating one, I must admit.

Why? Because I prefer the enigmatic to the strictly defined. I prefer wavering boundaries to tall, firm fences. I want to use wet-on-wet watercolors to back up the living book we read, the movie we watched, the video game we played and the field trip we took to learn specific material. I don’t want to be defined by someone else’s idea of perfect.

Years ago I wrote a post about ‘Frankenstinian’ homeschoolers, joking about how we were a combination of many different styles. Surely we still are but I don’t even want to joke about it any more. Steiner, Mason, the SOLs and CATs can kiss my lily white you-know-what. From now on we’re just learning, the best, most interesting, hands-on way we can. How about you?

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One thought on “What ‘Style’ of Homeschooler Are You?

  1. Just be like, yo, I’m funky style. 😀

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