Hospital Homeschool

No, my daughter is not in the hospital and I’m sorry if you found this post while looking for ways to educate an ill child. I wish you all the best.

This post is about my mom being hospitalized and how much time we’ve been spending there, yes, including my 10 year old daughter. There’s no one else to keep her, nowhere else for her go on most days. So she’s with me learning about bacterial infections, dementia, getting old, pooping yourself and how to handle it when you’re in a room with a person who has and how to deal with it. She’s learning to cut up hospital food and feed her grandmother. She’s learning that 3 Equals is not too much sweetener (in spite of 10 years of indoctrination into the ‘if it’s not real food, don’t eat it camp).

The kid is a champ. She plays with her grandmother. She moves her flowers and balloons so that they can be best viewed from the bed.

Already one of the most empathetic children I’ve ever known, Martina is learning even more about what it is to care for someone and she’s getting it.

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One thought on “Hospital Homeschool

  1. Terry

    Lovely girl from a lovely woman.

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