Overrun by Dwarves

Netherland Dwarf rabbits to be exact.

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Martina has been waiting for months for a rabbit. I promised and she has shopped online, showing me all of the cute ones, ever since. With the promise of Bunny Mecca at the State Fair, she anxiously awaited the day, which turned out to be last Thursday. Predictably there were a lot of rabbits for sale at the fair. Predictably, we bought one. Well, three actually. They are amazingly adorable and their poo will do wonders for our gardens.

Martina’s is Cookie, Mark’s is, we think, Buck and mine is ZsaZsa, so named because she is an expensive girl. Bunnies=Happy.

With regards to the Virginia State Fair, if you can go then do it. It’s so much fun. The arts and crafts entries are fantastic. The livestock and ag shows are awesome. The midway is a thrill-a-minute. There are educational exhibits, shows and tons of fun. The best thing we saw was the show by the American Cowgirl Chicks. The show was a lot of fun, emotional, exciting, and made me feel more proud to be an American than I have in a long, long time.

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