Some days…

Things do get gnarly sometimes

Some days, some weeks even, are supremely difficult for homeschoolers. Normal SAHMs have all day during which to clean, shop, cook, run errands, take their demented mothers to driving simulation tests and such. Homeschool moms have to do all of these things while concurrently trying to teach a 4th grader not to be so intimidated by the ‘N’ in that damned math problem. (An aside: Is being intimidated by the ‘N’ hardwired into some of us?)

We do manage to get more done in less time per student than schools do. We have fewer students to deal with, fewer distractions and fewer personalities, learning styles and issues. Still…it gets rough out here sometimes.

So world, yes, there are days when we are not at home tidily doing our times tables at the kitchen table. Days when lunch comes out of a greasy sack and the books are skidding around the floor of a van zooming from point A to point B (should that be point ‘N’?) and sometimes it sucks trying to hold it all together. Sometimes we don’t hold it all together and we just leave the books at home and zone out on the Smart Phone while attending to life’s little curve balls and segues. Whatever. I’ll take this over the big yellow bus any day.

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