Week 2, Appalachian 9-12

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This week was Chapter 2 in our novel. The kids all read it and were great in class, going right into the study guide questions and vocabulary as it pertains to our readings. Many of the vocab words have a more obscure definition as they relate to the book than the words may have in common usage, ‘fork’, for example is about a divergence in a pathway and not an eating utensil. Most of the vocabulary words are listed in order to familiarize the students with the language in common use then, when Little Tree is set, and also now as the usage has often survived the intervening years. Another example would be ‘branch.’ Normally something on a tree, in the mountains it is also the word for a small creek.

In Chapter 2, Little Tree learns about foraging and hunting from Granpa. Today our class talked about wild foods and went outside for a look around at the church yard and the sky and water around the Hague. I showed them some edible plants and many, actually most, of the children already knew quite a bit about what was edible and what wasn’t. I am far from expert but know more than the average lay-person about our flora. Then I pointed up and said, ‘What are they?” ‘They” were seagulls. Made of meat, they reproduce by laying eggs, all wild food! Ducks, geese, fish, crabs, seaweed (Martina figured this one out and I was proud).

Back in class the students began working on ‘quilt squares’. This will be our project for exhibition and carrying home on the last day of the semester. Each week the students will complete one rectangle, on card stock, of their quilt. The squares are pertinent to what we’re doing in class and the chapter of Little Tree for the week but they do have a great deal of creative license. Most of the class took as long as they had to complete their squares and the artwork was impressive. I’m excited to see how engaged the students are with creating visual art that connects with the text and the folkway for the week.

See you next week!


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2 thoughts on “Week 2, Appalachian 9-12

  1. Lydia

    I love love love the quilt idea!!!! Hey if I put Sourwood Mountain in G will you bring your banjo?

    • Let me look around for a super-easy tab for it. I know that there are songs you have that are way easier and some I’ve already played and just need to work on some.
      Tuning to G with my only having to play G, D or D7 and C should be doable. But I have NO natural talent here. At all. LOL.

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