Week 3, Appalachian, 6-8

This week we had a lot to do! We read another Chapter from The Trail of Tears while the students ‘finger knitted.’ You might wonder why that’s in parenthesis. If so, it’s because mostly they didn’t knit but wound the yarn around things. Finger knitting is challenging to learn and my champion today was Graham, he really had the hang of it for a little while! Next time I’m lining them up for hand washing first, yarn and leftover lunch is a bad combo. Hah!

The little people drew their quilt squares for the week. I think they all drew mountains this time. I brought in my banjo, which I am *just* learning how to play. We use it for She’ll be Coming Around the Mountain. Elsa and Dawson both enjoyed plinking the strings and I let Elsa sit and play it. She was trapped under there because it’s so big!

We are having a great time in class. The children are working hard and are a bunch of fun. 

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