Week 3, Appalachian, 9-12

Chapter 3 never phased me when I read it aloud to my then 7-year old child. Upon reading for class this week, I worried a bit…you see, Granpa compares Lady McBeth to a doe in heat who could not find a buck. It seems the doe went plumb crazy, running into trees and finally drowned in the creek of heat-sickness. Well then. Fortunately no questions were raised on this topic in class, though I would have offered the farmhand’s simple answer if had been.

3 of the students led a section of class today. Sarah led the Q&A portion, Benny led the Parts of Speech portion and Rachael did vocabulary. Martina read the first stanza of a poem so that we could learn the rhyme scheme, (ababccbdd).

For our ‘craft’ today the kids split into groups of 2 and wrote murder ballads. The Big Rule was that they had to murder something funny. Benny and Stephen, predictably, wrote a murder ballad about an eel. Benny did a great job of puppeteering the eel when he recited. Martina and Sarah wrote about murdering Siri because she wouldn’t stop singing the latitude and longitude song from Rosemary’s class. Rachael and Lauren wrote about murdering a shoe. A blue shoe. Hah!

Then they all arted it up and made their quilt blocks for the week. There is some very nice art work coming out of these kids! 

Looking forward to next week.

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