Spring Chicks

We are taking a break from school work thanks to my daughter’s recent proclivity for head impact injuries. Instead we are stepping up our animal husbandry skills. Knowing how badly my husband wanted more chickens and how unlikely he was to build them a coop unless the pressure of growing chicks made it an immediate need, I drove to the next state over and imported eleven day-old chicks.

Mostly Black Copper Marans, these little guys are fluffy, adorable, stinky and loud. We loved them immediately but after a few days of having them inside our house, the charm wore off. They really do stink. In fact, chickens stink far more than pigs ever have. Pigs are just bigger and muscled their into the title of ‘stinkiest’.

When the chicks first came they lived in a Rubbermaid tote that Mark, my husband, made into a brooder box. It worked fine for keeping the chicks warm and safe from our cats but it didn’t do a thing for the stench.

So I set to cleaning up the old rabbit hutch that Mark swore just needed to be burned.

It has worked out just fine as a new, outdoors and well-ventilated abode for the wee chickies. We close them into the nest box at night with their light and let them roam around during the day.

So far as we can tell, it’s raccoon-proof, fox-proof and possum-proof and we have no little bit of experience in these matters.

Our house smells much better now, thank you very much.

And the chickens? Well, they’re doing fine but they better start laying soon! I mean, they are two weeks old now.

(and I’m only kidding about the laying for those of you who don’t speak sarcasm.)

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2 thoughts on “Spring Chicks

  1. Patient cat is patient.

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