Appalachia 6-8, Weeks 4,5,6 and 7

So, I’m not consistent but I’m back!

The littles have finished the book about the Trail of Tears, thanks to Miss Colleen who stood in for me last week. Hopefully they have some understanding of the Cherokee removal and how it ended.

We’ve started into the Jack Tales. This week I read a story about Jack’s Hunting Trip. Jack is a goof and his tales are TALL but tall tales are a part of this culture and they are a lot of fun.

We talked about how one would find one’s way through the woods when hunting and figured that a compass would be helpful. We tried making compasses using pins and jar lids. This has always worked before but my lids appear to be magnetized and the pins just shot to the bottom and stuck and did not seem to care that North is toward the Chrysler. Ah well, we tried.

Only Graham made and brought a musical instrument to class. GO GRAHAM! This is out of BOTH of my classes. He played for us while we sang today, which was awesome.

Thanks all for coasting along with us missing a week and then having substitutes. Martina seems to be recovering slowly but surely and we will be back at ObX for afternoons now.

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