Appalachia, 9-12, weeks 4,5,6, and 7

We continue to meander through the novel, The Education of Little Tree. As of this week, the kids should have read through the chapter: My Secret Place. We have covered a lot of ground from the Trail of Tears, and The Ballad of Frankie Silver to murder ballads and The Brown Mountain Lights.

It would great if the students had time to look at the links provided in their workbooks during the week. There are some violin making links that some may find interesting and one National Geographic video of the Brown Mountain Lights, one of the most mysterious of mysteries.

A HUGE thank you to Miss Lydia, who came in today to play music with the students so that they could trot out all of their homemade instruments and we could have a band. Alas, there was not one homemade instrument in the class. And, yes, that includes my own child so don’t feel too terrible.

Next week is Week 8. Students should have read all of the chapters up to and thought the assigned work in the workbook. It’s also time to begin considering topics for essays, projects and whether or not any memory work is  going to be done.

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