Appalachia, 6-8, Week 9

This week we read another Jack story called Jack and the Varmints. I have to do a great deal of interpreting with these stories because the language is very different from what the kids are accustomed to hearing and they don’t understand but about half of what’s happening. It makes for great discussion and once they get it, they are rolling on the floor with the hilarity of the things Jack does.

We wove more on their cd weavings and talked a little more about how clothing was made by weaving and they children also worked on a quilt square in class.

We read Dolly Parton’s, A Coat of Many Colors, as well. This is a sweet story made from a song Dolly wrote many years ago. I found a video on you tube for them to watch and listen to, of Dolly singing the song with the lyrics straight from the text of the story. Boy, it was an OLD video, too! She looked so young and adorable.

I have no idea where week 8 went. Sorry.

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