Appalachia, 9-12, Weeks 10, 11, 12

The kids have been diligently reading their assigned chapters each week. I’m very impressed with their work ethic and attention in class.

We have made a glycerite, played with dowsing rods, and talked about the essays the kids will be, or have already begun, writing. Each one should choose a topic. Everyone has, with one exception and he was sick last week and thus didn’t know he had to do this. Today students should have had the first paragraph written. We talked about how to construct an essay and what my expectations are for their writings. We have a lot of Type A kids, so I suspect the essays will exceed expectations. Basically I just want them to write a coherent, topical essay that makes sense. This isn’t the essay they will send off with their college applications, it’s the essay they are writing for our co-op class in early middle school. Topics and lengths will vary but by the week-after-next I expect to have a written or email version to read from each student.

Today we talked about 3 Sisters Gardens and discussed our chapter for the week, Willow John. We reviewed the study guide and the students did some art work.

For next week, each student should have a rough draft of their essay to bring to class.

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