Preaching an Apologia, “Oh, I don’t homeschool because…”

It’s kind of surprising how many people do this thing, this, “Homeschooling won’t work for my family because…” fill in the blank. They do this as soon as they find out that we do homeschool. Why? Why does this happen? Why do people automatically feel defensive about their schooling choices when they find out ours? This is one of the things peripheral to homeschooling which drives me nuts.

No one ever got defensive about my kids going to public school. No really got defensive when they went to private school, though there were some raised eyebrows at the lack of wisdom of paying actual money for a pre-university education. So why do folks feel it necessary to excuse themselves for not homeschooling their children? More importantly, why do they think I want to listen to it?

Here’s a tip: I have it on good authority from tens of fellow homeschoolers that NONE of us care how you choose to school your children. Rest assured that we have strong opinions about what to do with ours and may have similarly strong opinions about the state of schooling in our country as a whole but we also understand that you work all day or have seven children or just don’t WANT to homeschool. It’s fine. What’s not fine? The Apologia. For real.

Recently and the most stunning apologia I’ve heard to date was a woman who patiently explained to me how her son was too smart to be adequately homeschooled. Okay, fine and dandy, but do you really need to expound on this to me and my ten year old child who isn’t too smart to be homeschooled? While the parking meter is expiring and the meter maid is penning me a $15 parking ticket?

School your kids however you see fit. It’s fine. They are your children after all and no, I’m not judging you a poor parent or AT ALL for sending them off with lunch money and a pat on the rear end each morning from early autumn  until late spring. More power to you. Now, can you please stop talking at me and let me get on with my day?

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One thought on “Preaching an Apologia, “Oh, I don’t homeschool because…”

  1. It reminds me of the women who start in… “I wanted to breastfeed but…” Really?

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