This is a homeschooling blog. It is also about our journey to find balance in our lives, learn about Waldorf methods of education, enjoy nature, lessen our consumption, find community, make friends, share our path and for me, the Mom, learning to listen more to my inner child and to tune out my inner bitch, or at least soothe her a little bit.

We are a family of seven, living in coastal Virginia. We have a yours/mine/ours family in which the focus is on family and not the other. Currently the eldest is 23 and out of college; the next one is 21, a homeschool grad and in college; then another, 19, will graduate from public high school this year; an 18 year old who is working, hand crafting wands, swords and shields for his Etsy store and who is, you guessed it, homeschooled; littlest is our 8 year old who has so much love and passion for life in her little body that sometimes she bounces.

Dad works hard every day, whether he is at home or at work. Mom is a career mom who has had many jobs, currently I write/blog for myself and others; sell organic body products in my Etsy store ‘Alchemy Redefined’ and take care of my family in my own, somewhat saucy, way.

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