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Tonight things went all wonky with my vision. Everything had holes. Things got kaleidoscopic. I was getting a migraine.

In years past I would pop an Imitrex, wait a few hours and start dosing with Vicodin. I was sick for days after these things. Now, when the vision gets weird, I plop into a very hot bath to draw the blood int onto the capillaries in my body, and out of my brain. I also have a homemade tincture of things like poppy seed, valerian and schizandra berries. I take some of that and the bath.

Tonight I tried something else. I asked for and received a hands-on Reiki treatment. My practitioner was barefooted and sucking on a Tootsie Pop.

You see, my 11 year old daughter is an Energy Healer. She has her Reiki I certification but she has always been a treater-of-ills. She touches animals, prays over them, has always instinctively touched things where they needed it, where they hurt. Tonight I got (another) turn. The kid has hot hands. Starting off her hands were icy. ICY. By the 2nd position, they were burning like the burners on my stove. It’s amazing what happens when she starts channeling the energy through her.

As the mom of a child who has this gift, I feel like I have to be responsible for certain things, like reminding her to stay grounded, and reminding her that it’s not her energy that’s coming into me–she is simply the conduit through which the Universal Energy flows. Before I realized that she needed these reminders, she would be limp and exhausted after trying to help someone or something. Now? She’s perky when she’s done. Maybe even more energized.

I am learning about these things. ‘Wash your hands when you’re finished and remember to think about grounding that energy, baby.” She’s learning, too. The difference is that I’m learning all about this stuff. She came into this life knowing a great deal. I’m flattered that she chose me to be her guide. It’s also kind of cool that I can do this blog post thanks to her innate ability to pour that cosmic energy through into another being.

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