ObX Age of Reason, Spring 2015, Syllabus

Age of Reason, Syllabus, Spring 2015

HS Out of the Box, Norfolk, VA


Books you will need: Great Medieval Projects You Can Build Yourself, if you have a copy; The World Made New: Why the Age of Exploration Happened & How It Changed the World; Newton at the Center; The Age of Discovery.

Things to bring to class: notebook (preferably a 1”, 3-ring binder with loose leaf, lined paper in it; pens or pencils; drawing materials are welcome but not required. Students will need to bring their timelines and maps of the world to class each week so that we can add to them.


Week 1

Lesson 1: Why Was There an Age of Discovery?

Today we will cut out and assemble our times lines and maps, do some reading and answer the questions on pages 11 and 12. Any remaining cutting and assembling may be done at home and brought to class next week.

HOMEWORK: Option 1.


Week 2

Share homework; Review; Options 2 and 3, Wrapping Up.



Week 3

Lesson 2: New World Empires

Reading and questions; work on timeline; ****something extra about the subject matter at hand****

HOMEWORK: Option 2: Cahokia on page 43 of your workbook. Watch video, if you want to explore further there are more links in the text or simply click on ‘Explore’ or ‘Timeline’ on the web page.
cahokiamounds.org/learn/video     This video is 14 minutes long.


Week 4

Talk about video; review; Option 1

HOMEWORK: Read pages 20-35 of TWMN. Complete questions 1-4 on p 46.


Week 5

Lesson 3: European Explorers

Go over questions on p 46.

Activity 1, 3 and 5: Timeline and Map

Activity 2: Dissatisfaction among the Crew

HOMEWORK: Write a diary entry from the point of view of a sailor aboard the Pinta. See p 47 (Option1 of Activity 2) in the workbook for more info.


Week 6

Go over diary entry homework.

Option 2: A skit. Do this in class. Go over questions on p 48 beforehand. Take volunteers for the parts and have the rest of the class help then be the audience.


Read pp 36-51 of TWMN.

OPTIONAL: Cut out and decorate Explorer Trading Cards. Bring to class and show them off.


Week 7

Did anyone make trading cards?

Lesson 4: The Consequences of Contact

Answer questions on p 62. Activity 1.

Read in class Activity 2, Prepare for a Debate. Students can volunteer to take a side in this. If things are off-balance, I will assign sides.

HOMEWORK: Prepare for a debate!


Week 8


Activity 4-read aloud from p 66. If there is time left in class, students may choose either option to work on.

HOMEWORK: Complete Activity 4, whichever option you prefer. Read p ix-through the end of Chapter 1 in Newton at the Center.


Week 9

Review homework

Lesson 5: Copernicus and Change in Science

Questions 1 and 2.

Activity 1: Timeline

Activity 2: The Medieval Mind and the Modern Mind

HOMEWORK: Read Ch 2 and 3 of Newton at the Center


Week 10

Questions on p 79.

Activity 3, Option 1 or 2 in class.

Finish by reading, ‘Life Application,’ on p 81.

HOMEWORK: Read Ch 5-7 of Newton at the Center. If possible, also read Ch 9-10.

I need volunteers to bring a soccer ball and a tennis ball to class next week.

Discuss Final projects. What to do, who is doing what, etc.



Week 11

Lesson 6: Galileo


Activity 1: Timeline

Activity 2: Galileo’s Experiments, use the balls brought by students to do the activity.

Discuss Galileo for the rest of class.

HOMEWORK: Watch this video:


you may also want to check out the links on p 98.


Week 12

Faith, Power and Censorship

*Read aloud day. (From Giants of Science: Galileo Galilei


Final projects, assignments.

HOMEWORK: Read Ch 13, 14, 17 and 22 in Newton at the Center.

Optional: Activity 1, Option 1 or Option 2. Videos would be great!



Week 13

*bring your copy of Newton at the Center to class today!

Report on experiments done at home. Activity 1, Options 1 and 2.

Lesson 7: Isaac Newton

Answer questions.

Activity 2

Activity 3, choose an option to do in class. Divide groups by option and work together to complete and report back.



Week 14

Unit Test


Week 15

Final Projects

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